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Shotover River Rapids

About Us

Rafting was one of the original adventure activities established in Queenstown.  Back in 1974, Kon Tiki Raft trips as it was then called, started the first commercial rafting in New Zealand, and shortly after became Value Tours Rafting.  In 1987 the company was bought and became known as Kiwi Discovery Rafting but it was finally after an amalgamation of four rafting operations, Queenstown Rafting Ltd, as it is known today was incorporated in 1996.

Queenstown Rafting was then a joint business venture between the original locally owned Kiwi Discovery and Real Journeys and is New Zealand’s largest white water rafting company. The company is regarded as New Zealand’s leader in safety operational procedures for rafting.  In 2016, Real Journeys bought Kiwi Discovery to become the sole owner.

Providing an adventure experience from calm to wild waters and half day to multiday, Queenstown Rafting has something for everyone.

In 1999 Queenstown Rafting was the first rafting company to win a New Zealand Tourism Award, was Qualmark accredited in 2003 and achieved an Enviro Bronze award in 2010. Queenstown Rafting is a major influence in setting the standards for the New Zealand Rafting Industry and recognised internationally for the high level of standards maintained.

Queenstown Rafting Ltd is audited and administered under Maritime New Zealand and complies with all New Zealand legislative requirements as an adventure tourism operator - read more.

Environment and Substainable Tourism

Queenstown Rafting continually looks at ways to reduce its environmental footprint. Eco friendly detergent is used for cleaning wetsuits, vehicles and equipment. Recycling is encouraged and conservation initiatives around the rafting base are ongoing. In addition key staff frequently volunteer their services to conservation projects.

More recently in March 2010 Queenstown Rafting was awarded the Qualmark "green" Enviro bronz award and is a gold sponsor for trialing bio-fuel in the vehicles.

The company works very closely with the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC), and over recent years has contributed substantially to conservation in the Landsborough Valley.

By participating in the Landsborough 3 Day Wilderness Experience, clients can actively help in a predator trapping programme funded by Queenstown Rafting. The Landsborough Valley is home to a number of New Zealand’s endangered bird species including the Whio (Blue Duck) and the Mohua (Yellowhead) and since operating in this area, numbers have increased and the trapping program is showing signs of success.


“To identify and provide sought after products, to provide these reliably and profitably and to maintain honesty and integrity in our dealings”


To continue to achieve the above to ultimately enable our success to benefit environmental, conservation and animal welfare causes.


Integrity, honesty, hard work, friendliness, decency


Queenstown Rafting expects staff to subscribe to the above values and to encourage those we work with to do likewise.