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Meet The Team

Many of our guides work continual summers, departing during the quieter months to guide white water rafting in other parts of the world, returning each summer season to Queenstown. They are passionate about their jobs and love taking people from all over the world to their "office" on the stunning rivers of New Zealand. Guides are employed not only for their guiding and water skills, but their personality so they tend to be great story tellers and entertainers.

Rafting Crew Profiles

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  • Chief
  • Michel Lapage
  • Gareth Wilson
  • Kevin Terrell
  • Gabriel Campbell-Lloyd
  • Guido Leek
  • Brad Simmons
Michel Lapage

Michel Lapage

Full Name:  Michel Lapage

Nick Name: Michel

Job Title: Queenstown Rafting Head Guide
Hometown:  Queenstown or Terrasse Vaudrevil
Spoken languages: French and English

Guiding Experience/ Rivers Rafted/ Countries Visited: Riviere rouge, batiscus, Jacques Cartier, Magpie, Moisie, Colorado, Gauley, Leheigh, Kennebek, Zambezi, Shotover, Bonnet Plume, Yukopn, Peel river etc...

Favorite Saying/ Quote: "Live it now, sleeping is for when you're old"

Interests/ Hobbies/ About Me:  Name it, I probably love it!

Anything quirky that you would love the world to know about you:  Good at sewing womans dresses even to exact requirements and i eat escargot

Most embarrassing moment: It's hard to embarrass me!

Claim to Fame: Queenstown Rafting legend