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FAQs - Flow Fun Canoes

1. Where does the trip go?

It starts below the The Remarkables mountains at the confluence of the Shotover and Kawarau Rivers.  You then go with ‘the flow’ on the flat stretch of the Kawarau river down to the foot of the Crown Range mountain at our Morven Ferry site near Arrowtown.  You will be transferred to and from the trip by bus.

2. Do I need to be able to swim?

No you don’t!  Non swimmers welcome.  This trip is suitable for everyone!  You do not have to swim as the water has no rapids.  You are provided with a life jacket and have a highly trained safety guide with you at all times.

3. Do I need rafting/canoe experience?

No you don't. Everyone can enjoy our 'Fun Canoes & Rafts' with no rafting experience. You will be given training and a full safety briefing before the trip starts. All of our qualified and certified guides will be able to give you any extra personal instruction you may need while in the raft.

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4. What do I need to bring?

Yourself!  A hat, sunscreen, sunglasses (depending on weather) and camera are recommend to capture your fun!

5. Do I need to book this trip in advance?

Yes we recommend that you do, especially during the peak seasons because space can be limited.

6. How can I book / pay for the trip?

You can book by credit card in person, by phone 0800 RAFTING, on this website or direct at our Queenstown Rafting Shop, 35 Shotover Street when you arrive in Queenstown. Booking online is closed off 3 days prior to a trip.  If you would like to go within 3 days, booking online is not available.

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7. What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes suitable for the time of year (rain jacket/warm clothes or shots & T-shirt)

8. What shoes should I wear?

Wear shoes that can get wet.

9. Can I wear sunglasses / prescription glasses or contact lenses?

Yes you can.  This is a relaxing fun trip and we want you to see our beautiful country.

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10. Can I bring my camera?

Yes you can, although we cannot guarantee their safety against damage even if waterproof.

11. How long is the trip?

The total trip time is 3 hours.  1 to 2 hours on the water depending on the flow!

12. Where are the rivers and how far is the rafting from town?

The drive to the starting point where the Shotover and Kawarau River meet is 15 minutes. The Kawarau is the only outlet to Lake Wakatipu and flows out to the east of Queenstown. The trip covers 7km of the river. You can view a map of the trip by clicking here.

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13. Is there a minimum / can you cater for groups?

We run a Flow trip with a minimum of 4 people.  We run the KJET combo with a minimum of 6 people.  We can cater for groups of up to 200 people on any one trip with notice.

14. How many people in a raft?

The rafts are large enough to carry up to 12 people.  Canoes can hold up to 3 people.

15. Is there a guide in the raft with us?

Yes, a qualified and certified rafting guide that will not only keep you safe as you go down the river but entertain you with stories and information about the area you are travelling through.

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16. Do I need to tip my guide?

Tipping is not expected in New Zealand, however if you feel you would like to show your appreciation that is totally at your discretion and will always be appreciated.

17. Can I go if I have a medical condition?

Our trip is very relaxing and suitable for everyone above 4 years old.  It's very important however that if you do have a medical condition that you let our staff know prior to rafting, this is not to stop you from rafting but to inform your personal guide so that they can help to accommodate you.  If you require medication for your condition (eg. asthma/inhalers), you will need to bring that with you in case it is needed.

18. Can I raft/canoe if I am pregnant?

No. Company policy is that we don’t allow anyone who is pregnant.  There is a small risk that a pregnant person could sustain a blow to the abdomen either through falling out the raft, from a paddle from another client or someone falling against them.

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19. Can I raft/canoe if I have a disability?

This will need to be assessed on a case by case basis and we recommend you call our staff and have a chat with them about your specific needs. Generally we are able to accommodate most people if we are given prior notice.

Ultimately though your invlovement will be at the descretion of the trip leader and guides who will be able to assess the conditions on the day and inform you of any potential safety concerns.

20. Will I get wet?

Possible, yes as you are out on a boat in the river!  Although this is a great fun for all the family activity, water still could dribble down the oars and you may have to step into the river to get onto the boat.

21. What is the possibility of falling out the boat?

Highly unlikely.  The guides are trained to deal with this. There is a full safety briefing before you commence your rafting trip explaining what to do if the unlikely event occurs.

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22. Are there seatbelts in the raft?

No but you will be instructed by your guide on a good position to sit in to prevent the chance of falling out.

23. Is there a minimum / maximum age or weight limit?

The minimum age for is 4 years old.  There is no maximum age or weight limit for rafting however the person must be able to fit our safety equipment.

24. Do you raft the same river as the jetboats?

Yes, the Kawarau Jet & Thunder Jet operate on Lake Wakatipu.  The Kawarau River and the lower Shotover River.  The boats go down the Shotover section where we meet, so you may have a chance to see them!

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25. Do you operate in the winter, will I be cold?

Flow fun canoes & rafts only operate in the summer months from November through to end of March.

26. When is the New Zealand winter?

New Zealand is exactly the opposite to the northern hemisphere (UK, USA etc) and winter is between June and early September.

27. What happens if it's raining?

Yes, we will still go.  If we cancel due to bad weather you will get a refund.  We will not refund if you decide to cancel at short notice due to rain or bad weather.

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28. What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice for cancellation to get a full refund, after that a portion of the cost is retained.

29. Are there toilets?

No actual toilets available on the river.  Make sure you go before we leave.

30. Can my friends or family watch while I raft/canoe?

Due to the nature of the terrain and the remote location of the river, it is not possible to view the rafting trip.

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31. Is there somewhere to buy food?

No there will be nowhere to buy food/drink.  You are welcome to bring a water bottle.

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32. Do I get wet on the jet boat?

Generally no, you shouldn't get wet on the jet boat. The jet boat companies provide you with a waterproof poncho to cover your everyday clothes to keep you dry. Although you may experience some spray coming off the boat or water especially if you're sitting on the sides when they do the spins.

33. What do I wear for the jetboat ride?

It is similar to sitting in an open top sports car, where you will be exposed to the elements. Dress warmly in the winter and wear sunscreen in the summer. There are facilities to leave your extra layers as your board the jetboat if you are not sure.

Baseball style hats/caps are not recommended as they tend to get blown off but glasses or sunglasses are a great idea to protect your eyes from the wind.

Your feet will not get wet so normal footwear will be fine. Gloves are a great idea in the winter although the hand rails are heated.

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34. Can I take a camera on the jetboat?

We recommend that cameras are left in your pocket for your Flow trip afterwards.  Please ensure it is attached to you securely and note it is at your own risk. Otherwise there is professional photography available for purchase upon completion of your jetboating portion only.

35. How long is the KJet boat ride?

A thrilling 30 minutes to the start point of your Flow Fun Canoes & Rafts.

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