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Trip Info - Landsborough Valley

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Client Info

Client Info

What we provide:

Both trips -

  • Drybag
  • Full wetsuit with booties and gloves
  • Life jacket
  • Helmet
  • Spray jacket
  • Tent and comfortable camping bed
  • Insect repellant and sunscreen

5 day option only  - Sleeping mat

What you provide:

Gear list: for the 3 day Landsborough

Gear list: for the 5 day Brodrick/Landsborough

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Wildlife You are very safe in the New Zealand wilderness.  New Zealand does not have any snakes, bears,wolves, foxes or mountain lions, just a few insects that can be taken care of with insect repellent.  There is a lot of birdlife in the Landsborough Valley, you could be lucky and the see the endangered Whio (Blue Duck) or Mohua (Yellowhead) or even a wild deer on the river flats.


By participating in the Landsborough Valley Wilderness Experience you are assisting in the area's protection through a pest trapping programme - funded by Queenstown Rafting who work closely alongside the Department of Conservation in an effort to boost numbers of Whio and Mohua. 

In recent years Queenstown Rafting has made significant donations in an effort to extend predator control further. These donations have enabled trap lines to be installed for the first time on the true right of the river and more recent donations have helped replace traps destroyed from bad weather. Since the trap lines have been extended it has been noticed that Mohua numbers have risen sharply.

Mohua (Yellowhead)

The brightly coloured Mohua, a small insect eating bird is one of the most threatened bird species in New Zealand today.  Until about 2000 the Landsborough population of Mohua was about 350 birds.  But a sudden increase in stoats and rodents following a heavy beech seeding in the area led to a sharp decline to about 100 birds in the Landsborough Valley.

Whio (Blue Duck)

The Whio is one of New Zealand's ancient endemic species notable for the living on fast-flowing rivers, a trait which is shared by only three of the world's water fowl species.  Due to the Whios' territorial nature, there are thought to be only a few located on the stretch of water Queenstown Rafting uses.  Sadly, surveys indicate that the total population in New Zealand may be less than 1100 pairs.

The Guides

The GuidesSenior Guides

All our raft guides hold New Zealand guiding qualifications.  They are First Aid and Swift Water Rescue trained and are registered with the New Zealand Rivers Association.


Queenstown Rafting is a licensed operator and recognised as a leader in the field of river safety and proactive risk management. All our experienced guides are fully qualified, we have a safety kayaker on every trip and use satellite telephone communications.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage One of the aspects most critically acclaimed is our delicious cuisine, expertly prepared by specially selected guides with exceptional cullenary talent - all over an open fire! Cooked breakfasts, healthy lunches and full three course dinners, including hors-d'oeuvres.  New Zealand beer & wines are an unexpected highlight of our trips.

Clients and journalists agree, the gourmet meals contribute to an unforgettable experience...

5 day variation:  On the Brodrick Pass leg of this trip there are more limitations as to what we can carry.  Expect quality hiking food.